Trade show Magician Europe

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Trade show Magician Europe

Direct marketing meets magic!

Your tradeshow booth packed with interested customers? 

That doesn’t have to be an illusion. 


Who is John trade show magician Europe? 

The trick to “magic” at a tradeshow is that you’ll do more than just entertain. You need to have eye for the audience you’re trying to reach and make them interact with your product, brand, or company. 

That’s where John Negenkerken’s power lies and what he loves to do. He is a specialist in magic, marketing, and human behavior. 

The company message illusion

John is great with people and has a lot of experience as an entrepreneur and marketing specialist. For over 20 years he owned a large amount of retail stores. After he successfully sold the stores, he fully focused on studying human behavior. More specifically, how do people deal with illusions? How does the coping mechanism work and how are people persuaded by marketing tactics? John also passed a course in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). 


Human behavior 

John is also the author of a variety of specialist articles and gives lectures and demonstrations about how to influence human behavior. He also developed a unique assessment system (The System). With this assessment based on only one question, he can tell with 80% accuracy who he is facing and what drives this person. 


To conclude: John speaks the language of your company, understands the behavior of customers, and translates this to illusions that will not only give your company the attention it deserves, but the new leads you wish for during your attendance at the trade shows. Magic at the tradeshow

Trade show Magician Europe John Negenkerken uses magic to invite visitors to your company’s tradeshow booth with custom made illusions and knowledge of your specific business.


The trick of attracting

John the Trade show Magician takes care of breaking the ice and bringing customers to your booth. He loosens up prospects, makes them curious and enthusiastic so that they are ready for a conversation with your sales team.  


Trade show Magician 2.0

John Negenkerken is more than a Trade show Magician in Europe alone. He is an illusionist with a heart for entrepreneurship. John has an outgoing personality with perfect social skills and is a direct marketing specialist with magical value. 


What can John for your company?

When your company is at a tradeshow, the purpose of being there is to attract as many people to your booth as possible. And not just any kind of people: the best potential customer, also known as prospects. They are people that are willing to have a serious conversation about the service or product you provide. 


Attracting prospects

Trade Show Magician John Negenkerken uses magic to attract customers to your booth. He seduces them and makes them curious about your company. With his unique, funny, and interactive illusions he’ll make sure to give the people that extra push they need. That way he’ll bring enthusiastic customers into conversation with your sales team and generates measurable leads. 


Custom made illusions

John doesn’t just do this by opening a standard bag of tricks, but creates custom illusions that suit your company, service, or product. He’ll attracts people’s attention in or around your tradeshow booth and approaches the right customers with humor and knowledge of any kind. 


How does it work at the tradeshow?

John The Trade show Magician always works in the way that suits your company best and brings the message you want to communicate to your customers. That is why he first needs to know: why is your company hiring a booth at the tradeshow? What is the message you want to tell your customers? Who are your customers? And what is the value of the product or service you want to pay attention to?? The answers to these questions are the base for unique and custom-made illusions for your company. 


Illusions at your tradeshow booth

John could perform the illusions near the booth to approach visitors, break the ice with them and create curiosity. But he’s also happy to perform presentations inside the booth with a good dose of magic and humor. He can also serve as a true public magnet with his own show in “The Magician Booth”. 


Warm up and bedazzle

However and wherever he works: he warms up visitors of Europa’s tradeshows, makes them curious about your product and enthusiastic about your company. He also (temporarily) blinds them from your tradeshow neighbors’ offer. This way, John creates the ideal circumstances for your sales team to get in touch with your prospects. 

Tradeshows at home and abroad

John works throughout tradeshows in Europe and is able to perform his presentations and illusions in English and Dutch.

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✨ Prepare for an unforgettable experience at your tradeshow booth with John Negenkerken – The Tradeshow Magician Extraordinaire! ✨


More of his work as Trade show Magician Europe in Dutch speaking countries can be found here (link to Dutch page vakbeurs goochelaar).