John the experience

John the experience


Message | Tantalizing sleight-of-mind and audience participation all conspire to provoke a uncontrollable how does he do it factor in this evening-long mental/magic tour de force.

Pure, intelligent  entertainment is the  objective John the experience, John is a master magician and recipient of the Dutch champions Award from the Dutch Brotherhood of Magicians.

He showed his skills many times on Dutch tv and is the only magician in the world to appear live in the Amsterdam arena!


John during the new Uri Geller

He does not disappoint.

During John the experience lots of willing participants help to achieve the impossible right before your very eyes.

Whether you’re throwing an awards show, a banquet, or some other professional or personal event, The John experience will not only astonish your audience, but leave them struck with a sense of awe, amazement and  wonder.

This is one experience they will never outlive.

Hi John,

The pincode and guessing who had the black M & M’s in his hand was very strong.

 Rob Louwers

Field Sales Manager Grocery

                                                                       MARS NETHERLANDS BV


 Audience| John the Experiences is passionate about delivering a customized experience that meets your objectives, exceeds your expectations and WOW’s your audience.


From our experience, your audience will respond well to his:

  • Charisma
  • Creative delivery
  • Audience Participation
  • Originality
  • Clean Comedy
  • Amazing Acts of Astonishment

John and Uri

John your act is a must see!

Uri Geller






Jour interactive experience was a great  as an event closure.

It was stunning to see you play with body language and psychological skills!

Many thanks,

Luc Zanders

Marketing Manager
Mainland Europe



 Outcomes| Laughter and wonder are the shortest distance between people. John’s clients have reported that an The John experience provides a unique night of entertainment and laughter, mixed with astonishment and wonder. The John experience is a proven success for organizations that would like to experience the following outcomes:

  • Reinforce a key message or theme with an entertaining message
  • Create a lasting impression with your guests
  • Provide a feel-good experience for your audience

John the experience

SHHH it’s a secret

Not only will John cast his magic spell on you, he even explain how he does it!!

Contact John now to see what he can do for your next meeting.